App Store for Windows 8 Confirmed


It has been confirmed folks. As of now, Microsoft has a  team busy at work for an App Store that will be a first in Windows history.

Here’s what Steven Sinofsky, the man behind Windows 8, had to say: “Many of the teams listed below describe features or areas that you are familiar with or that you can probably figure out based on the name. As we post more, team members will identify themselves as part of these teams…

  • App Compatibility and Device Compatibility
  • App Store”

In other words, Sinofsky’s blog post, though very unassuming, just spilled the beans on the big App Store secret. Technically, a Windows 8 team is working on the App Store, providing a near 100% guarantee that the Store will reach the final version of Windows 8….why is that? Sinofsky, the Windows 8 guy, has a personality for not showing or talking about anything unless it will ship as final. Rest assured that an App Store will be seen in Windows 8..whether it looks like trash ( doubtful) or rivals the Mac App Store ( likely), a Windows 8 App Store will grace Microsoft’s new OS.

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