Has Bing started its Makeover? Rolling Changes?

If you use Bing, (and by the way, we encourage you to do so,) you are used to the fresh, colorful home page images and the handy explorer plane with the familiar “Images” “Entertainment” “Search History”. Not to mention the unbelievable Facebook integration and the real-time Twitter updates. Nevertheless, not much in the department look has changed since Microsoft launched its new search engine in 2009.That however is about to change- Bing’s maker and long-time tech giant Microsoft, has begun testing new looks for its search site.

Bing Innovations

Company employees already started leaving clues in their Tweets so it was no surprise when tech pundits Rafael Rivera and Tom Warren, uncovered Bing’s new Live-Tiles. Interestingly, a Microsoft employee tweeted about the new Bing updates, further confirming the rumor that the site will use HTML5 technologies. Once again, this news is harmonious with Redmond’s statement about new HTML5 developer platform, built for Windows 8

Bing’s Live-Tile Look is surprisingly similar to that of Windows Phone 7- I have been personally experiencing constant UI changes on the Bing home page, a further testament to the fact that the Bing Team is actively implementing these Live-Tiles. You have to believe that folks would dump the Google-plain search site in favor of (a)  Bing with striking real-time weather, news, and trend tile. Without bias, the changes that are said to be rolling in, would further blow Google’s site out of the water.

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