Another Google product finds an enemy:Google+ vs Facebook

Google, comes into play, with very little expectation ( hello, recent failures Buzzer), and a ton of incentive. The Search Giant, has crashed into  this race, ( or shall we say Facebook’s Kingdom) and attempts to dislodge the current SNS king- something both MySpace and countless other social endeavors failed to do. Recently, the Wall Street Journal confirmed that Facebook is processing a “real-time” feed that ought to replace the current one in place. In general, the 750-million-users social site, has begun taking precautions and quickly addressing any concerns from app-developers and users. These so-called “defensive moves” are a first in a long history where “Facebook” has enjoyed unparalleled praise and worship, even though the site does have some interface issues.

Don’t get me wrong, Facebook is far from extinction- betting against numbers? nearly 1 billion posts, statuses, pictures and images are shared daily on Facebook.

Nevertheless, the site, a long-time Microsoft partner and soldier-in arms, is not known for aggressively adopting newer technologies or quickly responding to customer feedback- these changes and additions to Facebook- everything from Skype to accurate feeds- is surprising. It would almost seem that the company that beat MySpace is suddenly very worried about their status as top-dog in the social kingdom. Only time will tell how effectively Facebook implements features to stay ahead of the competition, without comprising the site itself



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