Gmail Man?: Office 365 Gets it Right

Fact: Google is reading your Email……to generate ads.

As to strange as it may sound, Gmail users either don’t know, or understand the simple fact that Google is generating contextual ads in your Gmail. Simply put in plain English, Google is deliberately searching through your email messages, targeting keywords in your emails( mind you this is in Gmail only), and using those keywords to generate Ads that are not only annoying but extremely creepy.

office 365 vs gmail

Will GMail gets some black spots for reading your email?

Say for instance, your Gmail message contains the words “hotel” , “cheap” , and “Australia”, then it would be easy to figure out what kind of ad for an inexpensive Australian hotel you are going to get.

As nice and benevolent this Google gesture may seem, most people are a little freaked about powerful Google skimping through your personal email and generating rather useless ads that are either freaky or plain mad. Below is a screenshot of Office 365: Office Online so to speak.

Microsoft released the hounds, so to speak, when they showed the Gmail video….needless to say, the video has garnered many views for its hilarious ( and entirely accurate) take on Google’s search of your email.

Office 365, Microsoft’s latest business productivity cloud suite, basically functions as a super pack of Word,PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Exchange( Powerful Email client), Lync, and SharePoint. 365 claims that it does not peruse through your email ( rather important ) to generate ads.

Office 365 : Emai done right?

Learn more about Office 365

Furthermore, 365 has 99% upkeep guarantee to never go down, powerful security features people have always expected from Microsoft cloud clients, and the cheapest price at 6 bucks a month…While GMail lacks the powerful Microsoft SmartScreen feature, and full client collaboration and sharing; in short, 365 beats both GoogleDocs and GMail. However the beauty is in the eye of the beholder…so don’t take my word for it.

Bottom line: Office 365 promises better privacy management and better email experience. Doesn’t matter what company you write your allegiance to, nobody wants your email to be used as ad files. That’s for sure…I guess Gmail users will either have to switch to 365 or get stuck on Google’s ad ecosystem.


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