Facebook and Skype: Microsoft’s Scheme

Perhaps the most incredible partnership we have ever seen in the tech world is the alignment of the oldest tech power with one of the brightest most engaging successes our social world has ever see…not hard to figure out that I am talking about old-school Microsoft and new-school Facebook…yet no one would have predicted the outcome of this partnership nor the technologies or products it would give consumers. Microsoft had previously purchased Skype for an unbelievable 8.5 billion dollars( just to give you an idea, MySpace was bought by NewsCorp. for 450 million).

Microsoft’s most beloved of acquisitions Skype was recently relicensed or delivered to the Facebook team…the ramification being that Facebook users( nearly 750 freaking million folks) will now be able to chat with friends and loved ones using Skype video calling. In case you missed the big announcement, here are the highlights of the big news.

But then again..many people still don’t know why Microsoft actually became friends( or to borrow some language, “Liked”) Facebook. Microsoft’s engine Bing has been busy implementing Facebook results and friends..the video below explains some more.

Microsoft has been partnering with Facebook so much that…Windows Phone 7, Microsoft’s new smartphone platform, is integrating all things Facebook in a very seamless native way.

Still, that doesn’t compare with the integration in Bing itself( still using Google, see why Bing is the choice of many) Bing incorporates Facebook into nearly everything including Music, Images, Entertainment, and even Movie. With Bing, you can Facebook chat about Cars 2 or Green Lantern, all from your computer!!!Pretty impressive! Zuckerberg and Ballmer seem pretty impressed with the partnership between the two mega-companies…no wonder…Skype, as a product of Microsoft figures in as the second technology to be licensed to Facebook by Redmond.

Bottom line: Microsoft and Facebook truly have a remarkable partnership…Skype is the intermediate…functioning in a critical relationship between these two mega-companies. Expect greater partnership and cooperation on the part of Redmond and Facebook…and expect Skype to be an integral part of almost any Microsoft product.


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