Why Hotmail Will Rule the World: HD Screenshots

Not only is Hotmail blazing fast right now, but it is awesome!!Instead of expanding on every feature, images will speak louder than words: HD screenshots!!!

Quick Organization: Hotmail allows you to quickly select the emails and then gives you a range of choices( from Mark as Read to a Delete, and a Not Junk function.


Flagging: Hotmail allows you to flag messages- simply select desired messages, and click “Mark As” function at the top, then click “Flag”. The screenshot below shows you all your Flagged Messages- simply click Quick Views, then Flagged (31 items).


Email Rules: Users can automatically tell Hotmail to direct types of messages to a certain folder or to mark them in a certain way. For instance I can create a rule such that  Emails with Attachments have been Ruled to always be Flagged .



Adding People: Easily add people using other services, including other Windows Live Accounts…automatically search for people in the “


Sweeping: If you see an undesirable amount of email from one sender(s), simply click Right Click and go down to the From these senders link. Next click “Delete from.” Hotmail first confirms, as seen above, and then deletes all the emails from the sender or senders you specified.


Windows Live Profile:  If you want to share your Favorite Things besides normal email life, go to Windows Live Home and scroll down to Favorite Things. Click “Music”/”Books”/ “Movies” to add a favorite item. It then will appear in your profile.


Connect several services to Windows Live: You can connect more than 20 services including Facebook, Picasa, and Flickr… this allows your Hotmail to display info from these services.image

Shipping Updates: If you are anguishing over an Amazon confirmation shipping, Hotmail organizes shipping updates into a Quick View by the same name. All your updates reside there.


Hotmail Options: If Hotmail is not responding or functioning to your specifications, simply fine-tune the options to your preference: fine-tune keyboard shortcuts, Email Rules, and Account Details.


Windows Live Themes: Your theme goes with your Hotmail, personalizing your Hotmail for free. Dynamic themes are also included….there is no reason why Hotmail shouldn’t reflect your personality.

Note: All screenshots require permission requests via email. for use of these pictures.

Bottom line: Hotmail simply smothers the competition…speed has greatly improved, and is still considered the easiest email account to use. Mark my words, Hotmail is taking the world by storm.


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