New Xbox Kinect Dashboard 2011

The Kinect Dashboard Home screen is a beautiful tailored,app-like experience. Gamers can slowly browse through their collection or simply play the featured movie or game experience currently displayed in the home screen. The interface is reminiscent of the Zune software, so general Zune users should have no problem getting the feel of Microsoft’s latest software enhancement to Xbox.Just like in the Zune experience, simply hover with your hand ( Kinect powered) to pan through the screens- previously you had to flip your control stick to switch. A generally well done , at-a-glance look, the Kinect Dashboard Home screen performs well without getting too much on the way.
Social on the new Dashboard looks clean and amazing. The greeny look is replaced by nice grayish background where all your avatars live and breathe. instead of being corralled to the side, avatars are now given more room. Handy feature when a large display is not available.As for the former plain controls, the new Dashboard replaces that junk with Live Tile-like controls that give gamers more information for less work on their part. easier gaming!!!

Bing has finally come to Xbox…gamers can now search for their favorite movies,shows,games,and apps all within Xbox and merely using their voice. Want to watch latest Xmen movie?Simply call Bing up and dictate the name of your search…in seconds, you have your result and are ready to watch!!

Music lovers..this one is for you!!! All the Zune Pass music, which numbers in the millions, is practically free with your Xbox membership. Favorite artists, albums, and songs are now easier to find using your voice…and easier to browse using better filtering and improved interface.


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