Bing: Major Improvements of 2011

Bing Music: Can’t get enough of Adele, Swift, or Timberlake. Bing Music allows you to browse through an artist’s biography, songs, albums, written lyrics, and music videos. In this screenshot, Adele has been selected. A link to her Facebook Page appears, her Genre, Biography, Songs with Accompanying Lyrics, Albums and Videos, as well as Related Artists. If you want to share, type your Facebook message near the end of the biography. Check out Bing Music Now!



Bing Social: The Screenshot below shows a selected social topic ( Miley Cyrus), its recent public updates, and the available sources for that topic ( Twitter and Facebook). Social also  includes TimeFrame( Past Hour, Past Day, Past Week etc.) Check out Bing Social Now!


Bing Movies( Entertainment): In this Screenshot choose overview of a selected movie, a synopsis, showtimes near your local area, ratings, reviews, and release date. Down below, other popular movies can also be browsed. In this case, I can select Green Lantern Movie Trailer and examine Critic Reviews.All the movies you care about in a nice and easy look.


Bing Shopping: In this screenshot, browse by Categories, Articles, or Stores. As you pan down check out What People Shop for Most category, Friend’s Birthday’s with Facebook, and other popular products such as iPod touch , Intex swimming pool, etc.


Bing Shopping: In this screenshot, Browse by Categories. Point and Shoot Cameras are browsed by Feature( Highest Rated, Touch-Screen Operation, Super-Zoom, Waterproof), Product line ( Canon line, Nikon line, Sony line), and Related Products. Check out Bing Shopping Now!


Bing Local: In this screenshot, my local area is Orlando, Florida. I want to buy Nike shoes near my area. Bing Local gives me directions and maps.


Bing Finance: Crazy about Apple figures or Microsoft stock? The screenshot below shows the selected stock, an easy graph, a Stock Performance Chart, and a Facebook share.


Bing Events: In the screenshot below, Bing Events used my locale (Orlando, Florida) to provide me with an event in my area. I can see Date, Time, Venue, and Maps of the event.


Bing Video Games: In this screenshot, Portal 2 General Overview is seen, its Official Facebook Page, Facebook Share and Comment, a Game Synopsis, Publisher, and Critic Reviews.



Bing Autos: The 2012 Audi A7 has been selected. The retail price is shown, Full Specs link, Official Site, Owner Ratings, Facebook Share, and Audi Videos


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10 thoughts on “Bing: Major Improvements of 2011

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