9 Brand New Zune Apps Available Now

Let’s cut to the chase- 9 new ZuneHD apps are ready for download.Here’s a quick overview of what Microsoft released. images courtesy of ZuneUnited. Here are just the most note-worthy ones.
20110701-024849.jpgNotes..perhaps the most desired ZuneHD app to date, sports an easy Wp7-esque design, includes Lists, which function as check-lists/ to-do-lists, and automatic saving, as well as note date and time.What impressed me of this app is the minimalist interface that , while easy on the eyes, features all the functionality expected in a Note app. I for one, was dying to get a Note app on my Zune..Redmond deserves credit for following thousands of Note app requests.

20110701-025606.jpgSupernova is a game with chain reaction fun..plays very fun,brilliant colors and shapes make it very enjoyable..and serves as just another very fun time burner.

20110701-030245.jpgThis is a great blend between old-school..tap on the desired block to jump and your character( which looks like A blend of Mario and the Android robot) will jump. Run and Jump is a fun game that is easy to learn and fun way to burn some time. The speed can be adjusted for a higher difficulty.

20110701-030629.jpgLevel is a handy utility that does what its name suggests…it levels objects to a perfect balance. The utility also includes degrees of tilt and the ability to save your level readings.The app stores your initial reading in red to distinguish the initial reading from the current reading. Pretty useful!

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