5 Free Programs your PC can’t live without

These free tools are ready to fix and clean your PC when you need them most! All are free and extremely reliable.

1. CCleaner– the famous cleaning utility, originally called CrapCleaner( hence they “cleaned” the name),  is the best computer cleaner- no exceptions! As seen below, CCleaner has a general purpose cleaner ( deleting Internet files, cookies, and urls), Registry Cleaner ( cleans Active X registries, Obsolete Software Registry…), Start-Up programs can be disabled, Program Uninstaller, and General as well as Advanced Options. Highly recommend it. ! Download Now!


2. Defraggler– From the makers of CCleaner comes the best defragmentation software ever!( even better than Microsoft Disk Defragmenter) Up at the top, the software graphically shows you what type of files are taking space in your drives. To begin, simply Analyze and Quick Defrag( for a better defragmentation of your hard drive, run the Defrag only). After several minutes, your hard drive should occupy less space and your PC should perform faster than ever.


3.  Microsoft Security Essentials– My security tool of choice, Microsoft Security Essentials has blazing speed, quick start-up, a clean interface, but does not neglect the security department. Essentials updates automatically within Windows Update, and is excels at finding and pausing malware. Other features include Real-Time Protection, comprehensive History, along with Quarantined Items, Scheduled Scans, Exclude Files, Advanced Settings, and CPU usage limit that limits the CPU power that goes into Essentials, making it work faster and more efficient. Highly recommend it! Better than McAffee, Norton and others! Download Now for Free for Windows PC


4.  Recuva– Recuva is kind of like Recycle Bin done right. Recuva can recover almost any file ( video, picture, doc) that went by your computer. The software has the same clean design of CCleaner, scans relatively quickly, and works well. It may just solve your problems when you need that picture you deleted six days ago. It does job well and deserves credit.


5. Microsoft Fix It Center- While still in Beta, Fix It Center has proven more than capable at troubleshooting different Windows errors or malfunctions. Completely reliable, simply click “Run” and the software automatically identifies your problem and fixes it for you. Recommended for all Windows Users!



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