Office 365 : Everything You Need to Know

Office 365- an easy name to remember undoubtedly. Office 365- a hard concept to understand…undoubtedly.

This is the approach that most people take with Microsoft latest Office server offering. This article is a quick overview that attempts to explain and uncomplicate matters ( a tad). The chart below gives a nice overview over the different services 365 includes.

The first service Microsoft Office Professional Plus is basically the same, well-known suite of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote, as well as Publisher, SharePoint, and the other  normally included Access, Outlook-only difference is these memorable programs connect directly and effortlessly to the Cloud( including the other 365 cloud services.)Office WebApps work with Professional Plus , as well, ensuring that users can view/edit files virtually anywhere.


//Courtesy of Microsoft

The next product, Microsoft Exchange Online, is a set of online email, calendar, and contacts. The special thing about this product is its antivirus, fully secured service including built-in anti-spam and full email/calendar/contact cloud connectivity.

/Courtesy of Microsoft


The next product, Microsoft Lync Online, can be thought of as Windows Live Messenger with phenomenal cloud productivity. It has improved collaboration, viewing , and sharing capabilities while keeping the familiar Messenger layout as seen on the left.

/Courtesy of Microsoft

The final product in the 365 line-up is SharePoint Online, a collaboration tool, designed to share and collaborate files with colleagues and teams.The service also works like a Windows Live SkyDrive, allowing you to save Office docs directly to SharePoint Online. Collaborated documents include security permissions to control editing and built-in SharePoint Workspace allows you to view/edit document without Internet connection.

/Courtesy of Microsoft

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