Windows Live Hotmail and SkyDrive : Security done right

These images are taken straight from my desktop: so they are the real thing


I happened to get a junk mail- Hotmail immediately flags the message with a yellow banner; then it  locks down on attachments, links , and pictures. Hotmail uses the proprietary Microsoft technology used in Internet Explorer browsers



Windows Live Home provides me with quick bullet points: Social Updates( Twitter/Facebook), Flagged Messages, and Messenger Social. The Home also allows me to interact with Messenger right away by posting comments or deleting them from the home. How does this apply for security: Messages that you  wanted to give another glance and were flagged, will be easily viewable. You can jump in to your Twitter emails and follow, report spam, or any other security concern through the provided links.

windows live upload blog

In this screenshot, I am uploading some Black Ops photos to my Windows Live SkyDrive photo album… the level of security can be seen in the below screenshot, where SkyDrive asks me how I want to share this photos and what restrictions I make.


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