Microsoft to acquire BlackBerry

A Bloomberg rumor has it that company Research in Motion( famous for their BlackBerry’s, ) may be staring Microsoft’s acquisition offices. Needless to say, the cell-phone makers have taken a hard fall- the former 83 billion dollar company has lost its golden years when it used to be at the top of the smart phone market. It is only apparent that the Blackberry maker is attracting companies- but not in a good way. Bloomberg Sources speculate that Microsoft or even Dell may be eyeing the company for a potential acquisition.
If you ask many analysts, Dell is said to be the best fit over Microsoft. This is arguable and debatable but nonetheless, RIM will be bought by a software giant or a manufacturing giant. Still, other analysts believe Microsoft is most likely to execute the acquisition- the Software Giant is actively involved in the smart phone league, though the stats don’t give merit to Redmond’s work.A RIM acquisition would be ideal for Microsoft Windows Phone 7 strategy as it involves several important Blackberry software/ hardware assets such as BlackBerry Messaging, BlackBerry AppWorld, and the like.


Bottom line: There is no question about the immediate result a RIM acquisition would make on Microsoft ‘s Mobile platform- Windows Phone 7 not only would benefit, but also eliminate it’s former competitor- thus coming closer to its rivals on the tip of the smart phone echelon.


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