Apple iCloud: Far from Perfect




ICloud (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

CUPERTINO, CA- — Many folks out there forget that the cloud is still in its infancy.Consumers are still unsure of the reliability of the cloud and still are reluctant to embrace it head-on. It seems, though, that the consumer-oriented Apple deems the cloud market important enough. The iPad maker recently released the much-hyped iCloud…the product was reviewed,the specs were discussed but nobody commented on the problems iCloud simply doesn’t overcome: simply this- iCloud is very limited in its range of functionality: You want to play your favorite Android app; so you load iCloud but instead of finding your app you find Apple movies,Apple tracks, Apple albums, and Apple apps…this is great for those who Ok limited selection, but consumers want to have more choices, ranges, titles,apps..this means cross- brand, cross-platform.


Many analysts have called the iCloud attempt a “walled garden.” Only those things approved by Apple can make their way to your iDevice( frankly, a rather stupid term)- for consumers that is a large limiting factor!
The question still remains whether consumers actually benefit from the “walled garden” concept Apple has adopted with the cloud.


Bottom line: The walled garden introduces many consumer limitations and restricts access to several component uses crave.Technology ought be about making life easier…not enslaving the consumer with one option alone. The cloud will never benefit consumers if Apple restricts the consumer options that the cloud contains.Much hype and pomp went into iCloud release..but its substance has yet to be analyzed seriously.

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