Nokia blocks Microsoft domination of Apple

When rumors went about of Microsoft’s presumed 19 Billion purchase of Nokia, investors pulled out almost immediately leaving the famous cell-phone manufacturer from Finland in a weakened state never before seen. In just a few words, Nokia is in trouble… But Apple is the least of it’s problems. In a recent patent battle that has been widely reported, Nokia won a hefty settlement against Apple, and most importantly demanded that Apple pay the Finnish company many royalties. In effect, Apple is now licensing products from Nokia; but if Microsoft were to buy Nokia, Apple ends up paying Redmond some well-deserved royalties!( A little biased; but what did you expect a Microsoft website to say?)

Bottom line: Microsoft executives would be very pleased to receive some cash from their long- time enemies, but the effects on Microsoft products would ideally be the best result. Redmond has to buy Nokia for two reasons: to save their long-time friend and current partner, and to profit from what Nokia has to offer in order to crack heads with folks up at Google and Apple itself.


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