Windows 8 Unveil at BUILD Conference

For all the emotion and excitement of Windows 8, it is unbelievable to think that, starting this September, Microsoft will unveil virtually everything to know about their latest Operating System.

Most developers know that Apple holds WWDC, Google holds IO, …Redmond, however, holds the BUILD conference( formerly known as PDC).

One could argue that BUILD won’t offer much except very a very professional developer delivery. Nothing could be further from the truth. Microsoft plans to make BUILD a one-stop Windows 8 announcement…featuring user interface, demos, developer tools, and most importantly targeting people instead of developers.

BUILD will attempt to connect with regular consumers and answer such questions as : “What will the Windows 8 Desktop look like”, “When can I get my hands on one”, “What is the price for upgrading an existing machine”… and so on.

Basically BUILD plans to dispel more than half of the Windows 8 questions and suggestions people are continually having. The event will start in September, just three months from now. People only have to wait three months… is that to much to ask!

Bottom line: I think BUILD will be a success because of its name, remember the Windows 8 leak builds(hence the name), windows8[9]its audience( a little less than 1 billion Windows customers dying to hear the news), and its timing( three months from now). In turn, BUILD will effect a success on the Windows 8 client, creating hungry customers ready to get their hands of Microsoft’s latest operating system.

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