Skype is cleared for Microsoft's purchase

Good news for you Microsoft fans! U.S.anti-trust authorities ( known officially as Federal Trade Commission) have approved of Redmond’s expensive Skype purchase.

20110617-102509.jpg The purchase of Skype will go down in Microsoft’s acquisition history as the largest monetary acquisition in the company’s history.It will probalbly also go down as the most controversial purchase: if you been wondering what Microsoft will do to your beloved Skype, wonder no more…now that Microsoft officially owns it, it won’t be long before. You finally see the purpose and implementation plan behind the 8.5 Billion deal.

Why the big money? This poster wonders that too.

This of course means nothing if the actual acquisition can’t take place: dont’t worry Microsoft fans, breathe easy.The same people who have hounded the Software Giant with lawsuits of all kinds, will now play “nice” and grant Microsoft clearance to buy Luxembourg- based Skype. the Federal Trade Commission approved of the purchase as Microsoft had will go on, but Microsoft now owns Skype.

No question about it…Microsoft has the cash to devour an impressive list of companies- perhaps this monstrous purchase is reminding us who is boss..


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