Apple and Samsung: Locked in Patent Battle

Apple and Samsung are locked in a very fiery patent battle. The story goes that Samsung has deliberately copied patented iPhone designs and looks; Apple is none too pleased. the Cupertino company had filed a 38 page complaint, but recently Apple deems Samsung has engaged in copycat behavior- what did Apple do?

It doubled it’s complaint to 63 pages!A very distressed Apple stated: “[Samsung’s] products … blatantly imitate the appearance of Apple’s products to capitalize on Apple’s success,” Apple says in the complaint, which now weighs in at an impressive 63 pages, up from its original 38. “The copying has been widely observed in the industry and has been mentioned in multiple articles reviewing Samsung products.”“While the iPhone was an instant success, there was nothing instant about the design process,” the complaint reads. “Over the course of several years, Apple had teams of people working on developing each aspect of the design of the phone itself — the shape of the phone, the materials used, and the size and placement of the mask that frames the screen — as well as the Multi-Touch user interface, to make a product that looked and felt entirely different from prior phones on the market. The end result was a very clean shape for the phone, with an entirely flat glass panel for the front, gently rounded corners and integrated casing, and intuitive touch features. Before Apple’s introduction of the first iPhone product, no other company was offering a phone with these features.”
Bottom line: expect these two heavy-weight companies to slug it out…to be continued..


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