Windows 8 to land in stores Fall 2012

Keeping in pattern with Windows launches and release date, Microsoft will refuse to break the mold and launch Windows 8 around the time of Fall 2012. A Microsoft Corporate Vice President not only announced the Windows 8 Fall debut but also stated a coming beta for Redmond’s exciting platform, currently still under development.

20110615-115404.jpg The Windows 8 beta is expected to launch after the BUILD conference has completely finished. The Redmond exec also detailed a long 1-year tuning process that hinders the prospect of a Windows 8 release this calendar year.

Asked whether Windows 8 should have run on smartphones rather than the current decision, he argued that users want to have enterprise and productivity features that already exist in PCs- to move Windows OS to smartphones would hinder the available enterprise features as well as enterprise security.


Bottom line: Windows 8 is tightly running on schedule and imitating the development process of previous successes. The Windows 8 beta will be released as soon as the BUILD conference( very logical timing), .

20110615-121104.jpgalthough typically betas are closed to users until further along in the testings..still very exciting- by the end of this year, we will know what Windows 8 will officially look like and will be able to beta test it as well


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3 thoughts on “Windows 8 to land in stores Fall 2012

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    • On September 13-16, Microsoft will host BUILD, a conference dedicated to Windows 8. While the conference has already sold out, Redmond will provide a live webcast for all u Windows 8 Lovers…mark your calendars:)

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