Windows 8 Hardware?: Asus and Microsoft are at it again much of the buzz over recent Windows 8 Previews and screenshots, the obvious question that follows is “What will the Windows 8 Hardware look like?”Luckily, people will no longer have to wait to see some sneak peeks of the these devices.

It is well-known that Microsoft has partnered with Asus. The Taiwan-based hardware giant has churned some great-looking hardware in their brief company history. Rumors however indicate that Asus will go big and work on Windows 8 Hardware that looks very similar to their Android based tablets( such as the Asus Transformer eePad seen above).

The big news is that the Transformer will have a successor and will most likely be the hardware flagship of the Windows 8 Tablet line-up. The Transformer 2 is expected to have a attachable keyboard that makes it look like a laptop-tablet- this hardware incorporates well with the Windows 8 software, given the fact that Microsoft has added touch functionality over the common desktop layer.

The Asus Transformer eePad in Action

For those who have yet to see the Windows 8 video, hurry up and watch it! This exclusive Windows 8 official demo has garnered nearly 4 million views on YouTube and counting.

The specs are still unknown though Asus may keep its current 1Ghz Tegra processor and 1GB RAM , which should be more than enough for a great Windows 8 experience. Asus is also one among few hardware makers that have been able to incorporate Adobe Flash technology 10.2.  expect Windows 8 hardware to feature this along with countless other features Android tablets have demonstrated.


Bottom line: The Asus Transformer v2 is a piece of brick that will make Windows 8 shine. The Taiwannian company has repeatedly showed off some impressive hardware and this is no exception. Windows 8 Asus Tablets should have Flash support, plenty of horsepower and great looks!!!

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