New Xbox Hardware coming Soon!

The game world was waiting for this announcement- what would Microsoft’s Xbox unveil following its rather successful E3 debut a couple weeks ago( hope you guys followed that one!)

Redmond, according to a trusted source, has announced the release of a rather major hardware addition to the Xbox 360 console– details as pricing and availability have yet to be discussed by the Software Giant. We do however has some info as to the basic tech involved- Redmond will launch a System on Chip for the its famous console. What’s the big deal with the new tech? – it allows Xbox to better handle heat and computing power.

The makers of Xbox have been questioned as to the compability of older games in the updated console. Microsoft has assured its costumers that these changes will not only allow for compability( the past) but will also provide support for next generation technologies( the future). Microsoft has also hinted at a completely new design for the game discs.. still no word as to Redmond naming their console, but most say it will be named Xbox 720. As technolgy for games increases, Microsoft has wisely updated its hardware accordingly to better support more demanding Xbox titles.

Bottom line: Redmond will redesign its Xbox hardware with an emphasis on keeping it sleek but next gen. Xbox will also come with impressive game titles that will be very demanding of the current console. ( Many current consoles have a buggy history)requiring massive ventilation and speed to support gameplay. The Software Giant in keeping right in step with the tech out there and will continue to enjoy succeess in the gaming market.

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