Microsoft Smolders it's Anti- Virus Competiton

In a recent research conducted by OPSWAT, Microsoft is the top dog of Anti- Virus/Malware competition. Redmond’s Microsoft Security Essentials( l know… Long name) ranked as most popular among its fierce big-name rivals…including McAfee,Norton, Kapersky to just name a few.

Abundance of Redmond’s Antvirus contenders
The specs?.. the software giant managed to popularized Security Essentials on 10.66% of the 43,000 PCs conducted in this study. Furthermore Security Essentials has a solid build record with version 2.0 having been released recently. A clean, interface ( trust me, I rely on Essentials to protect my PC) greets users.


One click of the taskbar tray icon and Essentials immediately pops open.There is no lag whatsoever… quick responsive commands are critical so that your PC can be scanned without unnecessary crashes, freezes, and slowdowns- Essentials truly works in the background for you so you can enjoy your machine in all its security.

Essentials is completely free, works on virtually all Windows editions, updates automatically( every single day!! me.), and has a slew of options to better manage system resources and memory loads( in other words, the user can program Essentials to use less or more of the PCs computing power to execute scans. Simply put, Redmond’ antivirus programs leaves its higher- branded, subscription and fee required competitors in the dust.

Bottom line: Microsoft now has the most popular malware/antvirus software in the market..this program is amazing…I guarantee it will do wonders for your computer. Download now!

P.S. Sorry for the typos you at first saw..was growing kinda sleepy:)

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