Microsoft’s Zune HD still survives: Huge App Selection Launching Soon( Read more in this exclusive reveal)

20110607-034701.jpg >Redmond’s Zune HD, is one of those products that had potential but never reached its maker’s aspirations. The Zune HD was touted as the only  real competitor to the iPod Touch- with a drop-dead gorgeous display, HD output, HD radio ( hence its name), and just stunning looks, it looked as if Apple’s days of dominance were over.

Is the Zune HD still surviving..If you listen to Bloomberg and other sources relying on speculation, you won’t believe the info we just uncovered, here at Premier Microsoft.

According to a Program Manager of Zune ( that’s all the detail you are getting), a huge  amount of content is coming to the HD proving that while Redmond has already abandoned its earlier brick-like Zunes that served as the butt of jokes for months,—they will not abandon this impressive beast. ( Check out a quick and exclusive  Zune HD  and iPod touch review)

This inside source ( a legitimate source and employee at Microsoft) hinted a few days ago at what he described as a “killer launch of apps and games” for the Zune HD; as to what app and games those are, he once again hinted at Music editing apps, and music quiz app.  I have also asked several Zune personnel as to the future of Zune HD… their response: “ I’d be very surprised if there weren’t future firmware updates for the HD..”

In short, Microsoft is gearing up for revamping its 800 MHZ Nvidia powered OLED portable media player,  “ a killer launch of apps and games” that will leave quite satisfied with the Zune brand in general. I’m not surprised if we saw more than 15 apps moving the total to 59 Zune HD applications. As for the release date, the source explained that all the apps will be delayed long enough to ensure app quality not just quantity.

           Image: PGR: Ferrari Edition          Image: Vans Sk8: Pool Service

Audio Surf for ZuneHD    PGR Ferrari for ZuneHD       Vans Sk8 for Zune HD

Bottom line: Zune fans, expect a huge app selection really soon that will make you shout out! If you felt left out then fear no longer. The Zune HD is alive and well. As an actual owner of the Zune HD ( I would even sell my iPad for it!), finally I’ll see a good selection apps and games.. should be hard to choose.

(Go Zune fans! You guys are awesome!)

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3 thoughts on “Microsoft’s Zune HD still survives: Huge App Selection Launching Soon( Read more in this exclusive reveal)

    • Hi zune phone!
      I hope this article will help revive some interest into the Zune HD and the Zune brand in general. The content of this article is accurate, so you can bet your money on the fact that Zune HD apps are indeed coming!!!:)
      Thanks for your post!

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