MW3 First Impression at E3: AWESOME!!! Stunning!!!


There are simply no words to describe the awesome exclusive Xbox preview of CODMW3. The latest version of the Call of Duty game, MW3 is simply spectacular in every level and field possible.

Mw3Source: Bing Images

The Specs:

The Xbox Live Conference at E3 started out with a premier of MW3. MW3 is simply so amazing that it made me gag there for hours ( OK, it was only a 10 min preview). Interestingly, the game will also be developed and produced by Sledgehammer Games along with the famed Infintiy Ward. Should ship to retailers November more or less of this year.

The Video ( No Official Video Uploaded as of Now: Updated as available)

This 10 minute trailer is more than enough to might you wanna to get this game at all costs. COD fans will go crazy!!! The video starts with exploration under a submarine… you can hear the water effects as you zoom through, the radio and control as they buzz out new objectives.. and the ambiance in general is nothing less than superb.

mw3-1Source: Bing Images

Then the submarine resurfaces and… a beautiful panorama is revealed: F-15 fighters, Tomahawk cruisers and Apache helicopters ( I’m guessing on those specs) are tearing down buildings, leveling cities, and bombing skyscrapers… all in the comfort of your living room. I gotta tell you… if you see this game in action, you will be stunned!!! Next up, the video shows you on a high- speed boating raft as you concentrate on your obejective to get to the safehouse, you can’t help gazing at the amazing panorama of destruction taking place all around you. The shooting controls look fluid, …so no problem for COD fans expecting awesome game controls. It is easy to switch weapons, and they are more realsitic than ever. In short MW3, is the Ultimate game …simply put, it leaves Black Ops in the dust and makes previous COD titles look like garbage.

Check out another MW3 trailer from some time ago:

MW3 Trailer from some time ago

A True Game Changer!!!

Bottom line: The best military shooter I’ve ever seen, best graphics, best ambiance and sound, fluid controls, gripping storyline… simply the best..MW3!
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