Microsoft and Skype: Unclear Connection

Source: NY Times
It is unclear… There is some speculation as to how Microsoft will implement Skype technologies.According to sources, Microsoft may have a tough time implementing  goals along side with Skype because of Europe legal commissions( yeah, they make all the rules).

Although Microsoft’s goal will be Skype’s goal there is a fair amount of regulation involved…A. Few analysts say that Microsoft will make Skype’s former Europe base its priority– my take.. Expect a huge Skype integration into existing Microsoft products and a pretty thorough immersion into Skype.
I wouldn’t be surprised if Skype was featured in the coming Xbox, or even in applications or a stand- alone app for Windows 8

Microsoft could also get the profit from both worlds. Some say they could keep the Europe brand strong but extract or derive profit from Skype’s main Europe operators, essentially keeping Skype intact.. Hardly doubt the occurrence of this but it is a possibility.

20110605-101131.jpg Deeper Partnership than What Seemed

Bottom line: Knowing Microsoft, Skype will be heavily integrated in Office 365, Windows 8,Office, and every conceivable Microsoft product that Redmond may other words don’t expect the Skype logo to far from a Microsoft logo

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