What to expect at E3: Xbox surprises with MW3

Now… This is going to sound rather incorrect but… the big story at E3 will be Xbox and very possibly the Call of Duty folks will announce the much-anticipated title, Modern Warfare 3.  It was at E3 that Microsoft uveiled the XBox launch of Black Ops…except a repeat.

Last Year’s Black Ops was excusively launched on Xbox first

Expect Redmond to announce plenty of Xbox titles, improved software, and perhaps new technology. You can bet your money on it… Microsoft would be foolish not to take advantage of Sony’s current flop, and Nintendo’s mediocre console.
20110604-022229.jpgLast year, Redmond announced Black Ops, Gears of War 3, and Halo Reach, the top lines of the game’s biggest blockbusters to be released exclusively first in Xbox.


As for Nintendo, expect another incredibly mediocre “Wii” that won’t surprise anyone. As for Sony, you can expect what a lot of people are calling damage control.. If you are ( or were) own a PS3 or PSP you would know what I mean.

Tune in to Spike TV 9:00 PT, or watch live on the Microsoft News Center (http://www.xbox.com:80/en-US/Community/E3) , or follow Me on Twitter to get the latest updates.

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