Microsoft blocks any one from purchasing Nvidia

The Software Giant from Redmond has just( some minutes ago) taken steps to block all competitiors from purchasing Nvidia. For those of you who haven’t ever played intese-graphics gaming or high-quality RPGs, you probably have no clue what Nvidia is. In a nutsehll, Nvida is considered the best game graphics manufacturer by most people and enjoys a high place as the best video card a gamer could get. From a tech standpoint Nvidia is the most valuable and important ARM chip for most mobile devices, it powers several smartphones, and mp3 players.

Source: Bing Images

This could have some very important repercussions: simply put, if somebody wanted to purchase 30% or more of Nvidia’s stock, Microsoft will have the right to approve or even deny the purchase. Hence, Microsoft will probably block most stock inquiries in order to control Nvidia.

header_portable_perfection[1]Microsoft actually has a strong partnership with Nvidia, many of their high-end products, such as the Zune HD, are powered by Nvidia chips.

Bottom line: This move is an extremely smart move on Microsoft’s behalf… they can now control who or who doesn’t buy Nvidia stock. Pretty powerful, if executed correctly. Let’s hope they deny most stock purchases that Redmond’s competitors may want to acquire. If so, Microsoft could be controlling the most powerful graphics chip maker in the world!

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