Windows 8 Demo… nothing but bold, brash, beautiful

Folks it’s finally here… I could spend maybe hours describing this gem from Redmond.. but as the saying says ” Images speak louder than words.” Now it’s finally here.Windows 8!!!


Windows 8: Bold, brash beautiful

Notice the Tile integration, beautifully and concisely done- an incredible tech machine. Colorful and yet easy on the eyes, a pure balance exercise. Most used apps are easily accessible, photos relevant to favorites are displayed, and very clean design is used throughout. ( Now enough of me babbling.. Let’s get down to the meat..)

Now the specs…

According to Sinofsky, Windows 8 is just a codename( but Mighty Redmond would be foolish not to retain the catchy name).


Sinofsky: The Man of the Moment

The Start Menu looks a lot like Windows Phone 7 ( fans of the WP7 should be in for a ride)

Apple fans- at heart should be overjoyed: there is finally Marketplace, Redmond’s answer to iPad App store

System requirements will be almost the same as was for Windows 7

Win8 will run on both ARM and Intel chips, as well as AMD chips


INtel is supported and so is ARM and AMD

Win8 is designed for HTML5 and JavaScript ( basically the great performance that you have in IE9)


8 will have the benefits of IE9 and HTML5

Amazingly, all Windows 7 components are compatible with 8 and 8 will also run on both tablets, pc,and laptops!!! (yea!!!)

Other features:

Office 2010 remains unchanged and tablet friendly, you swipe the screen to log-on, and IE 10 has been designed for tablet- friendliness

Bottom line: I guess the wait was forth it… 8 will be compatible with practically anything, run smoothly in a variety of chips,and have awesome Internet hardware acceleration ( I.e. Faster web page loading)



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