Is Microsoft Mistreating it's New Tablet Partners

Microsoft recently made big headlines when they announced a refocused race to be crowned runner-up to the iPad in the tablet wars.


Tablet Wars Heating Up ( Source : Bing Images)

Well, this just in– now they made bigger headlines by their controversial approach to their critical hardware partners. Are partners like Acer important for an excellent Windows 8 Tablet: the Acer’s Iconia Honeycomb Tablet seems to say yes—


No question about it hardware partners are fundamental.These important assests to the Microsoft Tablet ( Windows 8 Tablet) such as Hardware kings Acer, and possibly HTC, are none too pleased to find that Microsoft has changed. Their take- Microsoft’s new strict tablet policy and specs will make their life hard. CEO Of Acer expressed some concern for Microsoft’s tight rules. he also expressed that for Microsoft partners these rules were very troublesome. Hopefully, Microsoft will not saturate it’s regulation like it did with it’s previous tablets.

Bottom line: Microsoft ought to keep it’s balance and learn from it’s past tablet ventures


Clunky Win7 Tablet: Solution Give Partners more freedom

Source: Bing images

— give tablet partners more freedom than Apple but don’t go overboard or you will end with a very fragmented platform like Android( despite Google ‘s vision to the contrary). Allow for variety in the Tablet without excessive fragmentation.


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