Microsoft and Google Off to the Tablet Race

Yes, that’s right. Mighty Redmond and the Google Wunderkid are off to the races. Both techno giants are each competing to come 2nd place to the iPad, in the tablet business.

Will Microsoft Partner with Google? They may have to.

Now, as much as I love Microsoft, we must give credit where credit is due- the iPad is simply the best and most efficient tablet- no questions.

The true Tablet game changer: Apple iPad 2

Hyper Smash

Nevertheless, Microsoft has the potential, money, and hopefully the will and perseverance to potentially turn the story around- Google however is right behind Microsoft, and by no means wants to get out-performed. Experts have high hopes for Google’s next Android Platform and Microsoft has announced the unveiling of its Tablet OS very soon ( see Microsoft Plans to Unveil tablet OS: Apple should expect a renwed onslaught of competition and products- from Google, but especially for Microsoft.


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