Microsoft Confirms Mango Update for Windows Phone

Microsoft has once again confirmed the Windows Phone 7 long-awaited update, famously called Mango Update( the codenames all end in “o”) Regardless, this will be available this coming fall, ready for download to your Phone.

windows phone 73 660x495 Windows Phone 7 Mango update coming late next year, bringing lots of goodies

According to sources, the Mango update, which boasts 500 changes to the platform, may be called Windows Phone OS 7.5- since this update is significantly larger and more comprehensive than the Nodo updates ( January/February)

Bottom line: Expect a revamped WP7 platform with great Facebook intergration, HTML5 support, better browser ( similar / or maybe identical to IE 10), perhaps Silverlight runtime( an alterate to Adobel Flash).



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