Microsoft to Give your Computer SuperPower

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A quite unknown company and technology firm has recently been backed by Microsoft with nearly 1 million dollars. The reason ? This firm has developed something so extraordinary that it may make you to call me a liar. This tech is none other than an application of sorts designed to deliver the power of a supercomputer to your home PC! Aptly named GreenButton, this small app will give you the horsepower that you need even if you are video rendering or doing a very heavy task like cloud computing. Deep Exploration Trial A sample of Developer/Digital Artists use of GreenButton. Fast, easy, and efficient.

GreenButton Explained

Microsoft will provide the GreenButton technology to it’s costumers using Windows Azure, Redmond’s cloud computing platform. GreenButton’s Partner

Bottom line:  Hey, now there are no trite excuses for developers and digital artists, cuz Microsoft should sent you the horsepower you need regardless the intensity of your computer task- the sky is the limit when GreenButton is around.


For more info visit the GreenButton site:


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