IE 10: your browser for Windows 8?

Who would have thought that in less time that it took you to learn the features of Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft had already churned its

development of IE 10!!! IE 10???

Most analysts and enthusiasts assume that this IE version will be the one shipped with Windows 8. Following this lead, we already know from leaks the win8 feature of Immersive Internet Explorer ( see the story “ Windows 8 Features? how they apply to You) that IE 10 will have integrated iPad-like immersiveness.

IE 10 would be tablet immersive such as the Bing iPad app above.

IE 10 would also be tablet friendly and should be tablet enhanced this is true because Microsoft has mentioned Windows 8 ability to run on ARM chips ( these chips run tablets like iPad 1 and 2)

Bottom line: IE10 and Windows 8 could not be more precisely timed- expect and awesome browser on your Win8 PC or tablet, and great browser speed and acceleration that exceeds that of IE9.

IE 9’s hardware acceleration- expect the same performance on IE10

Also be guaranteed full hardware and graphics acceleration on tablets, not just on PCs.

Watch a MIX 11 Demo of IE 10 right now! Click Play

IE 10 Demo at MIX 11


Sources: Windows Weekly ( Paul Thurrot’s Super site for Windows)


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