Console Quarter Financial: 360 Leads, PS3 Lags

The Financial Reports for the Quarter to March 31, 2011 are in. These reports however don’t deal with boring, money-making companies you have never heard about but rather video game console companies. Yes, you heard right- Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony each have their figures in. Let’s take a closer look at the big stories.

The latest version scheme of Microsoft’s, Sony’s , and Nintendo’s Consoles. Source: Bing Images.

The 360 surpassed the PS3 in console sales by 600,00 sales. In a important note, the Nintendo 3DS scored the highest sales despite less excitement in comparison to the Big consoles. One would think the 360 is still going strong due to Microsoft’s addition of the Kinnect technology. As for the Wii, its sales are lagging and will be replaced at coming announcement at E3 or All Things Digital.

To illustrate the recent boost in 360 sales let me point you to a helpful graph



As the graph shows, 360, early this 2011 year, had more console sales than the PS3 during the same period. The 360 also has the highest recent console sales out of the 3 Big Consoles

Bottom line: 360 Soared early this year due to game titles new to 2011, the Kinnect Technology , and a revived interest in the new Slim model- the PS3 over the same period of time had less console sales, numerous online server problems, and the complete shutdown of the Play Station Network, as well. Well done Microsoft


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