Windows 8 features?How they apply to you

Update: Windows 8 is Now Available to Download

The following content dates back to pre-beta builds of Windows 8 and its early development….

As of April 12, cnbeta and win super site for windows have divulged and investigated the following Windows 8 features: If they remain unchanged, you may see these on your new pc next year!!!
the following list is not all-inclusive as the date of this post.

SMARTSCREEN FOLDER- Folders will be protected by the same technology win8_m23_smartscreen_0that protects Internet Explorer

HISTORY VAULT- An improved utility of the current System Restore

OPT INSTALL-It will allow users to kill the OS without deleting personal files-great for upgrading


NEW EXPLORER UI-Similar to the Office Ribbon, it would simplify your life by using familiar controls

AERO AUTO COLORING- Allows user to automatically recolor the Aero ( task bar, windows) to the color of your desktop

NEW INTERNET EXPLORER VERSION- THis new revamped version will make your Internet experience more immersive


REDESIGNED WELCOME SCREEN- The welcome screen will look like a giant smart phone, with Metro design and possibly an Android login pattern

Welcome Screen, pre-beta Windows 8 builds

Sources: cnbeta and win supersite for windows

A lot of things to look forward to!!!!


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4 thoughts on “Windows 8 features?How they apply to you

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    • Hi scranceGon
      If you are running IE9 and RealPlayer is installed on your PC, check on the Tools>Manage Add-Onns and make sure that the RealPlayer Add-On is Enabled.
      If you are running a different browser, go to Tools and then click the Options to Manage Add-ons. Then look for video add-ons and enable them.
      If this is not your case, download Ccleaner ( program that cleans your system) and Run Cleaner( Your PC may be suffering from Memory Paging and/or Fragmentation). Ccleaner will speed up your system and enable your browser to properly manage coded video. Hypothetically, your PC shouldn’t freeze anymore
      Another possible cause is the type of video: for example your PC can’t play Official Microsoft videos without Silverlight installed- make sure that the necessary programs are installed to play the desired video.
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      Thanks for your post.

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