Microsoft Plans to Unveil tablet OS

In an unprecedented turn of events, Microsoft will unveil an Operating System for a coming tablet, according to sources. The OS will be running on a gorgeous NVidia Tegra Chip ARM-based- plenty of horse-power and clock speed to make you smile!ARM  chips( Found in iPads,  and Zune HD’s)


This may be the Windows 8 OS for the tablet- earlier, Microsoft announced that Windows 8 will run on ARM-based chips. Coincidence? We may be looking at an early version of Windows 8!


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4 thoughts on “Microsoft Plans to Unveil tablet OS

  1. Sorry, but no. I find that Microsoft makes wonderful operating systems for larger machines (like desktops, laptops and servers), but I would think there would be difficulty with the maintaining of charge on the device. Microsoft’s portable devices are notorious for short battery life. Also, it would be extremely difficult to kick it off with some many tablets already out.

    Bad move, Microsoft. It won’t work. And if it does, do we want another government interference in regards to monopolies?

    • In some respects I think you are correct- however Windows Phone 7 and the Zune HD are living testimony
      of the hardware and OS that Microsoft can produce for a small handheld device. Apple merely transported
      the IPhone OS into the IPad- Microsoft however is seeking to produce a Windows OS specifically designed for its tablet -kinda like Android 3.0 Honeycomb. The ZuneHD has great batttery life and the Windows Phone 7 battery depends on the manufacturer not Microsoft. All in all- I judge it a good move for Microsoft- in a year were they have to cut losses and surge forward
      I welcome your comments
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      • I do agree. Dug in more on the research. Misread some figures- sorry about that. My perception on the battery life has been due to some past OS issues I have experienced on some semi-portable electronics running WinOS. Thanks for your input and corrections!

        -Following you on twitter starting now, glad to see a solid tech/soft. blog here and there. 🙂

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