Could Ballmer be the Culprit: Microsoft Board doesn’t think so


From the looks of it the Microsoft Board is supporting Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, in spite of repeated Stock depression and the absence of much of the technology leadership that Microsoft has always been famous for. Basically, Microsoft share holders and investors are blaming Ballmer for bad company leadership and guidance. Although Microsoft is certainly not as its peak- one must also remember the complexity of Ballmer’s job and his current market competition!

There has been much speculation that the acquisition of Skype( the largest Microsoft acquisition) was not very wise- nothing could be further from the truth. Expect huge Skype integration into everything Microsoft- Redmond must be thinking : “Well at least we didn’t let Facebook grab Skype”!-

That’s a good move on behalf of Ballmer- while the CEO is not perfect, nobody praises him for his Bing success( 15.4% market share) and Windows 7! This chart shows the “Powered by” share: In other words, the market share of Bing and Google( Bing powers Yahoo, thus Yahoo is named under Bing).

 We ought to give Ballmer credit for weathering a competitive and tough technology year.

Current Microsoft Stock as of May 28,2011

Microsoft Corporation

24.76 0.09 (0.36%)real-time quote

MSFT After market: 24.83 0.07


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