Bing better than Google?

Update:  Bing Unveils New Official Look 2012

The screenshots below were taken May 2011 and may not be the most recent look of each search engine. Please read our more up to date articles of Bing

Lately, much has been going on around over the influence and sheer market overtake that Bing has had on both Google and Yahoo( even though Yahoo is powered by Bing). Google’s share has dropped 3% while Bing had an increment of 51% from 12 months ago- not bad for a scrapped up project, with a quirky name, and a short history.Bing continues to improve, innovate, and create- Google’s last major change however was the annoying Instant Search feature that freezes the browser and your computer. Just by mere appearance, Bing is simply better than Google.

 bing blue      

imagevs. image( Screenshots by Premier Microsoft)

Any dummy can tell you that he rather spend his search time on a screen  with F/A 18 Blue Angel Hornets than with a dull white background with adds all over the place!!!( such as “Install Google Chrome”, “Make this Your Homepage” and “I’m feeling Lucky”

Technically speaking Bing has more advanced features such as an Organization Pane that lets you see your results more efficiently and accurate. For those not understanding let me give you an example.- Search on Bing the term “Casablanca”in Images and then the same on Google Images. This is what you get: Compare and see the difference.


On the top, Bing classifies the term into the Casablanca, Casablanca Movie, Morocco Casablanca, Casablanca Flowers, and Casablanca Wedding Dresses into beautifully colored tabs that further narrow your search


On Google, Casablanca Morocco, Casablanca Movie , Casablanca Map, Casablanca Poster…, appear as incongruous Related searches with stupid-looking blue hyperlinks!!!

Obviously Bing is more pleasing than Google!

So there it is folks compare and enjoy!


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